Latest Fashion News and Trends

Latest Fashion News and Trends

From the easiest, you can already look, to the difficulty level ‘stylist.’ We give you the tricks to inspire you and take all the 2019 trends to your terrain.

Are you the type to list ‘New Year’s resolutions’ at this time? What we are really passionate about is enumerating all those trends that, after many hours of street style and parades have seen, we said we would never wear, and now we’re on a roll. Because, there is nothing more exciting than to try a new silhouette, to look a stunning color, or to dare with a daring tendency. Here are our favorites for 2019 full of fashionable:

  1. 80’s mini dress

With volumes in the sleeves, long mini, and some draping. The excess of the 80s, but reversion so ‘cool’ that even the Nordic ones like. It presents itself as the best option for Christmas looks.

  1. Men’s trousers

It is the trousers that are razing among the most expert in fashion; tight and high waist, broad in the leg and narrow in the ankle. Its difficulty is proportional to the luscious that results in any styles.

  1. Pastels

Like every spring, the pastel tones will come to flood escapes and editorials and, like every spring, we will resist until we finally fall. The new: this year they are carried in monochrome, mixed with opposites and complementary and even close to the neon tone. Is there a better way to brighten up a sad gray day?

  1. The new leather jacket

The original leather jacket says goodbye to the classic perfect leather that has been accompanying you season after season because now its format will be XL. The most reticent ones have already cheered up with the biker de Borrego de Zara and the most ‘advance men’ you can already make with the most hype model: with rounded shoulders, large lapel, and silhouette globe. As a fresh start back to the future.

  1. Hairpins

Raise your hand which, in the late ’90s there were forks in the hair which Spice Girl. One on each side and color, such as Geri Halliwell, or a simple, discreet hairpin slanted like Rachel in Friends. What’s interesting? That there’s no more natural way to tame hair on a bad hair day.

  1. The return of pearls

The return of the small and irregular pearls, or with several turns adorning shirts and jerseys in a ‘more is more.’ The pearls have come back (if they ever left) to stay and give a new ‘preppy’ air to your look.

  1. Silk skirt

If this summer the skirt of the moment was silk ‘animal print’, this winter we get soberer, and we choose the same fabric but in smooth colors: in beige and white ice or in purple and strawberry (you have a version ‘low’ in Zara). Combined with a thick sweater, they can’t be more ‘cool’ and turn out to be a good way to recycle a party dress.

  1. Coral

The color of the year, Living Coral, will arrive in our cabinets to raise awareness about the oceans and in passing, highlight our summer, Moreno. While the good weather comes, you can try wearing it on the accessories, for example on your shoes and in your makeup.

This year promises to be full of boldness, style and promises to give glory to the retro with Pretty Pearl bags, cardigans, and square-tipped sandals. We will not leave our faux-fur and our pair of cowboy boots. The good news? 2019 also has some surprises in store for us, such as the unexpected return of the monogram and the jewel escarping. It’s going to be good. Focus on these previous to trends that will accompany us this year, and you will have a stylish 2019.