Fashion Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Fashion Week

The fashion show Las Vegas is amongst the ones that are most eagerly expected. After all Las Vegas is the city of joy, excitement and great events are held there. So, it isn’t very surprising that the most important is the fashion show Las Vegas hosting. This is the event that many stars from all around the world can’t wait to happen. It is supposed to start on Monday night, August 12 this year. However, those who will have the blessing to attend will be there amongst elite stars from all around the world. The guest is Sufi Sayyad, a model and an actress, and the models are simply impeccable.

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The Big Event

The whole fashion week event is supposed to be of grand proportions. It will surely be as luxurious as we all expect it, and many elite guests from all over the world will participate in the event. You can easily conclude this by the lists of the guests that are supposed to be there. There are supposed to be around 200 delegates and 50 exhibitors attending this 4 day event.

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 Model Casting

The model casting for the whole fashion show Las Vegas hosts is a specific segment of the process of preparations. In order for a model to take part as a model in the event, they need to fulfill specific criteria which is why even some of the top models in the world are interested, and some were even rejected for the event.

The judges of the whole event are Robert Rison, a creative director designer, Sufi Sayyad, an actress and a Miss India International and no other less than Daniel Hernandez, a creative director designer.

Grand After Party

If you want to trade the day for the night, you should definitely consider your participation on the grand after party. The grand after party is a specially planned event where all the guests will be entertained with free cocktails and drinks, food prepared from the best chefs in the world, and most importantly – casino games where they gamble and win real money. In fact, the guests will be able to use all the tables and the slots machines they can find free. There will be slots games, roulette, blackjack and of course, small poker tournament. We are expecting a lot of guests, so if there is no free room. you can use online casino sites operated from Canada to play the same games. We have teamed up with the best casinos to bring you the utmost experience. Most importantly, all money that the elite guests win will be donated into charity, as a small trade to make the world better.

Upcoming News and Photos

If you want to get the latest news about the Las Vegas Fashion Week, make sure to trade in your old clothes and get some new ones, and be there. However, if you can’t be there make sure to follow the most important magazines and websites that will bring you the trendiest photos from the event.