The Blueberry Range

Alongside broccoli, blueberries have long been heralded as a ‘super food’, encouraging the rise of supposedly healthy breakfasts of pancakes and muffins. However, they have only infrequently been used in beauty products. With the popular response to the unveiling of The Body Shop’s Blueberry Range this may all change.

The Body Shop has always claimed to take inspiration from nature and conduct a sustainable relationship with the environment and people it works with. Fair Trade is proving increasingly important to customers who are becoming more conscientious over what they are buying, and more demanding of companies to ‘go green’ and adopt ethical business practices.

Products in the new Blueberry Range are made from cold-pressed blueberry seed oil, Fair Trade Shea butter and cocoa butter from Ghana. Like men’s skin care brand Bulldog, The Body Shop works hard to present its products as being chemical-free and subject to minimal processing.

Cold-pressing is already practiced in the manufacture of smoothies and juices, whereby fruits and vegetables are pressed fresh, releasing a raw juice with a greater amount of minerals, enzymes and vitamins. In the case of The Body Shop’s Blueberry Range, the goodness of the fruit accesses us through the pours in our skin. In addition to the minerals, enzymes and vitamins, the fatty acids in the products also help to nourish and hydrate the skin or hair.

All too scientific? As with most of the products from The Body Shop, the Blueberry Range also looks beautiful, and smells delicious. These new products show that excellence does not have to be sacrificed when we pursue sustainability. Take a look at to get access to the best deals and discounts on The Body Shop products, and other health and beauty stores.