Fleming London: backpacking in style

Even though backpacks have become visibly more popular over the last couple of years, I haven’t been able to come across many successful examples that have managed to infuse style into what an accessory born out of utilitarian purposes. However, when I first came across the backpacks produced by Fleming London, a new accessories brand launched in December 2013, I was immediately drawn to the elegant simplicity of their lines and decided to find out more.

The idea for Fleming London was conceived in January 2013 by Sophia Fleming, a budding entrepreneur who, after working for a short period in merchandising for fashion companies Asos and Jaeger, decided to create a luxurious unisex leather backpack that would be both stylish and practical. Made in England from Italian vegetable tanned leather, the backpacks come in attractive boxy shapes and in a plain but yet vivid colour palette that includes black, white, blue and red.

If what initially also attracted me to Fleming London’s backpacks was its no-nonsense focus on style through a limited offering of pieces, I admit that I look forward to watching this new venture  grow and develop new accessories with an equal focus on sophisticated utilitarianism. If its initial line is indicative of what is yet to come, I can only anticipate a great deal of success.