Hotter Shoes: stylish footwear with built-in comfort

Even though I am passionate about all things fashion and style, when it comes to buying shoes it is safe to say that I am a typical male shopper. I admire those men who invest in slim shoes with leather soles and wear them elegantly day in day out but I prefer shoes that keep my feet comfortable throughout the day. While researching men’s footwear brands that addressed my needs, I came across the British company Hotter Shoes and decided to investigate.

Founded in 1959 in the English county of Lancashire, Hotter Shoes started out as makers of slippers before adding new shoe lines in the early 1990s with a focus on style with built-in comfort. Over five decades, the family business has grown to become the biggest manufacturer of footwear in the UK, having made 1.3 million pairs of shoes in the last year alone that could be purchased in more than 200 British retailers, in all of 54 Hotter stores and online on the brand’s website.

I started my examination of Hotter Shoes by looking into its Autumn/Winter 2013 menswear range, which was available in four styles: Classic, Leisure, Sport and Active. Although many models showed a preference for comfort over innovative design, I found some smart options in the Classic range and opted for one of Hotter’s newest models, the Senator brogues in dark brown leather.

When I first tried my pair of Hotter shoes, I was amazed at how light and warm they were. In addition, because the shoes included soft padding and cushioned foot-beds on the inside and light bending rubber soles, they felt very comfortable. A few weeks later, and after having worn the shoes a number of times in all sorts of weather, I was pleased that the leather hadn’t broken in the wrong places and that the colour hadn’t faded.

All in all, my examination of Hotter Shoes confirmed why this British footwear brand managed to sustain its reputation for so long. If I could make a suggestion, it would be that a small investment in new design would undoubtedly attract more style savvy and younger consumers. Nevertheless, Hotter shoes are worthy of commendation for all men looking for footwear options that are simultaneously comfortable and stylish.