Stööki x Topman exclusive jewellery range

London-based independent lifestyle brand Stööki has unveiled its first collaborative jewellery project with Topman. Comprising 11 pieces made from 18-carat gold plate, the ‘Geodesic’ collection is described as focussing on form, layering and innovation by exploring the qualities allowed by geometric shapes. The result is a range of items ranging from button covers to collar tips that adorn and provide a touch of luxury to everyday menswear garments.

Stööki was founded in 2010 by Quincey Cassell Williams, Nadia Abbas and Luke Hippolyte (also known as the Stööki Craft Makers) as an independent jewellery and apparel label whose themed collections are presented through music, interactive art and immersive events. Their limited-edition ‘Geodesic’ collection will be available in Topman branches in London, Manchester, Los Angeles and New York, as well as online from 28 November 2013, with prices ranging between £20 and £60.