KRISVANASSCHE flagship store opens in Paris

Belgian fashion designer Kris van Aassche has inaugurated the first store for his menswear label KRISVANASSCHE at 16 Rue Saint-Roch, in Paris. Designed by architecture and design studio Ciguë, the boutique makes the most of its 55 square meters by featuring minimalist and brutalist interiors that conjure the ambiance of an art gallery.

“This is the first spatialization of Kris Van Assche’s aesthetic,” says architect Hugo Haas of Ciguë, “so he was understandably apprehensive at the start. Together we defined the key aspects of the design: contrasts, black-and-white palette, angled shapes and so on. In a way, the interior reflects his design sensibility of controlled precision and his destabilization of classic forms. ‘Sharp brutality’ was the term we came up with to describe that sensibility.”