Gutsy Graphics: how to make it in the T-shirt business

Launched in May 2013, Gutsy Graphics is an independent clothing label hailing from Belgium that has adopted the emblazoned men’s T-shirt as its garment of choice. Although it is undeniable that there is already a long (and growing) list of brands driven by the same product focus (and all attempting to dip into an endless vat of design possibilities generated by communities of illustrators) what makes Gutsy Graphics stand out from the crowd is the use of subtle graphic designs.

Unlike its competitors, Gutsy Graphics rejects the prevalent penchant for bold colours and intricate, abstract designs. Instead, its T-shirts reference the literal shapes of objects on the fabric or create optical illusions through the juxtaposition of shades of the same colour. In the current competitive market of T-shirt design and manufacturing where each newcomer brand shouts louder than its predecessor, Gutsy Graphics’ subdued hues and illustrations prove to be simple ingenious design solutions that make this a brand worth keeping an eye on.