Antipodium Spring/Summer 2014

With no formal training in fashion and unapologetically guided by the belief that ‘the consumer is the best teacher’, Geoffrey Finch has conceived another collection for clothing label Antipodium with a strong focus on wearability. Presented during the official calendar of London Fashion Week on 14 September 2013, Antipodium’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection offered modern wardrobe solutions underpinned by purposefully lightweight kitsch, camp and commercial concepts under the moniker ‘Attention Shoppers!Working once more with London-based artist Russell Maurice (who is also the man behind street-wear label Gasius) to develop some of the collection’s prints, Finch attempted to harness the sensibility of Pop Art and the creative potential of street culture. Despite featuring noble fabrics such as iridescent organza and suede, effective pleating techniques, pleasant knitwear pieces and some vibrant colours, ultimately Antipodium’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection ended up rehashing commonplace shapes and patterns in a succession of cotton sweatshirts, poplin shirtdresses, houndstooth checks and floral designs and embroideries.

If the critique of female buying habits could have generated interesting and clever results, this was a collection that opted for a pastiche of safe and overused sartorial recipes that in no shape or form contributed to a relevant discourse about consumerism. As in previous collections, Finch almost took the step across the creative threshold that could have catapulted Antipodium from the world of clothing into the realm of fashion while he was also close to assuming the role of teacher of consumers instead of a pupil of collective taste. Nevertheless, ‘Attention Shoppers!’ was not the collection that would witness such a transformation; instead, it remained an empty cry for attention towards a range of clothes that failed to deliver the goods.