The most beautiful homes in the world: House Gepo, Belgium, by Open Y Office

Belgian architecture practice Open Y Office has recently completed the House Gepo in Wijgmaal, Belgium, a contemporary country cottage that uses contrasting materials to establish a separation between private and public areas while creating an elegant and calming home. The perception of contrasting spaces begins when looking at the house from the outside, with the ground floor’s glass walls creating a sense of openness for the living areas that is distinct from the privacy that concrete walls provide to the first floor.

The distinction between man-made interiors and the lush garden on the outside of the house is reinforced by a series of reflections not only in the glass but also in a pond. Equally, the contrast of ambiances continues on the inside of the house in the juxtaposition of colours of textures, with the warmth of wood used in windows and door frames softening the industrial feel of concrete, steel and glass. The result of such perfectly balanced opposites is further complemented by personal objects that create a welcoming and soothing domestic space.