Evolutionman new Cleanse & Shave for men

Men’s skincare brand Evolutionman has recently contacted The Style Examiner requesting a review of their newly improved Cleanse & Shave, a product that was conceived with two purposes in mind: to be used as a face wash and also as a shaving cream. Despite my previous honest review of Evolutionman products, I got on the case and tried the samples I received in the post for a few weeks before writing down my thoughts on the product.

Described as containing a multi-purpose formula “developed with the modern man in mind as a time saving facial wash that clarifies the skin and softens the beard”, the new Evolutionman Cleanse & Shave relies on ingredients such as orange peel essential oil for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant qualities; vitamins A, C and E to rejuvenate the skin; mushroom extract to exfoliate and tone; safflower seed oil to moisturise and lubricate; amino acids to promote collagen function; and Panthenol to soften and sooth the skin for a close shave.

I started by testing the Evolutionman Cleanse & Shave as a shaving cream, only to be very disappointed with the results. When applied on the wet face, the cream feels unpleasantly viscous. After a couple of shaving strokes, I felt like giving up as the thick unguent clogged the razor blades and made it very difficult to finish my usual shaving routine. However, by the end, I did feel my skin slightly softer, which made me wonder if the shaving purpose had been wrongly identified by the marketing team at Evolutionman.

For the next few weeks, I tried the Evolutionman Cleanse & Shave as a daily face wash and the results couldn’t be more satisfying. As a face wash, the product was perfect: you can actually smell the orange oil when you apply it on the skin and you can feel it working when massaging the skin as impurities are gently removed. After rinsing the cream out my face skin felt moisturised and supple, which couldn’t be a more positive outcome. To complement this routine, I used the Evolutionman Wash & Buff exfoliating cream a few days a week and the results were excellent.

When it comes to assessing the new formula for the Evolutionman Cleanse & Shave, the final verdict is as follows: if you are looking for a shaving cream, you will find more effective options out there; however, if you are trying to find a face wash to add to your daily skincare routine, this is an unreservedly recommended product.