Mazorin: skin care for men with visible results

The Style Examiner was recently approached by men’s skincare range Mazorin with information about their products and an invitation to try them in order to write a review. Before allocating a few weeks to do so, I did some research on the brand to find out what sets them apart from their competitors in the lucrative market of men’s skincare and fragrances.

Created in 2010 by London-based duo Giangiacomo Postir and Marco Baruzzi, Mazorin was developed to address the needs of men whose face skin suffers from stress and dehydration as a result of working long hours or of spending large periods of time travelling either as part of a daily commute or on business trips. After studying the lifestyles of urban professional men in order to understand their skincare needs, Postir and Baruzzi started working with dermatologists and industry experts to find the most effective ingredients, formulations, packaging and branding for their burgeoning enterprise.

In order to achieve the highest quality possible, Postir and Baruzzi agreed that Mazorin’s products would only contain active ingredients and would therefore exclude Parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours and untested fragrances. For the packaging, the duo invited two Italian architects to design bottles and boxes that would evoke an image of timeless masculine style. And the brand’s name came from the word for “mallard” in Friulano, a language spoken in the Friuli area of North Eastern Italy where Mazorin’s labs and production are located.

The names given to the different Mazorin ranges also reflect the founders’ background in the financial industry (as well as their targeted audience) in what was intended to be humorous puns: ‘Face Value’ includes products for daily skin maintenance such as the Optimal Face Maintenance moisturiser and the Optimal Skin Nourishment supplement, and ‘Liquid Asset’ is used for products with instant revitalisation properties that reduce visible signs of fatigue such as the Pre Meeting Face Vamp gel/tonic and the Working Late Eye Serum roll-on eye gel.

I started my trial of Mazorin’s products with the Optimal Face Maintenance moisturiser, which when pumped from the stylish bottle onto my fingers for the first time didn’t induce a very positive first impression: the texture of the liquid white cream resembled that of sun creams that are not easily absorbed. However, after rubbing it on the face, the product proved me wrong: a slight shine finish and a not entirely unpleasant fragrance lingered for a few minutes but soon disappeared, leaving no residue.

At night, I used the Working Late Eye Serum that, like so many eye products these days, is applied with a small metal roll-on spherical dispenser. However, the serum reaches the sphere via an ingenious pumping mechanism which means that users can control how much they want to apply. On application, the lotion felt cool on the area under the eyes; however, like any eye cream, it will take much longer than a few weeks to see any results.

What really stood out of the range, to my surprise, was the Optimal Skin Nourishment food supplement. Having tried similar products in the past with no success, I was sceptical about these pills. However, a few weeks after I started, I noticed that my skin felt more supple and moist. Most importantly, the supplement worked in a visible way to others: it may sound like a made-up statement for a review but a few weeks into taking the two pills every morning someone at work paused to look at me and said “your skin looks great”, the kind of compliment that I don’t normally hear. Now, this comment can be interpreted as a happy coincidence but, after someone was able to see what I was also feeling on my skin, I couldn’t fight the realisation that Mazorin’s Optimal Skin Nourishment food supplement does improve men’s facial skin with undeniable visible results. In a nutshell, The Style Examiner’s verdict is that, if you are in the market for an effective range of men’s skincare, Mazorin is certainly worth a try.