Menswear trend for spring/summer 2014: the denim jacket

As a way to capture the spirit of the outdoors and the subversive allure of youth subcultures, menswear designers worldwide have been showing a keen interest in casual and utilitarian designs. And nowhere is this approach to sartorial inspiration more obvious than in the adoption of the denim jacket. No longer associated with only cowboys or social renegades, the denim jacket has assumed a ubiquitous status as the garment of choice for spring/summer 2014, as it was witnessed in the numerous men’s fashion showcases that took place in London, Florence, Milan and Paris in recent weeks.

Even though the denim jacket has more or less kept its original shape, its traditional fabrics such as sturdy cottons and practical colours such as black and dark blue have been softened and adapted to urban contexts by featuring malleable materials and colourful patterns such as florals or ombré effects.