Menswear trend for spring/summer 2014: wide-leg and knee-length shorts

Steered by the intention to make their collections wearable, relevant and understandable to their end users, most men’s fashion designers have decided to include long shorts with a wide-leg cut in their spring/summer 2014 collections. Whereas, up to a few years ago, designers often kept them at bay, shorts were essentially ubiquitous during the men’s fashion weeks that took place in London, Florence, Milan and Paris throughout June 2013. Most of the styles unveiled were of knee-length and featured ample leg shapes made possible by pleating or side buttoning. While the design of such garments was most probably inspired by the practical gear used in sports such as football or basketball, the preference for voluminous cuts can also be interpreted as a conscious reaction against the many versions of fitted shorts that mid-market high-street stores have spawned in large quantities over the last two years.