D.Hedral introduces new beachwear range for men

In time for the first rays of this year’s summer, men’s bodywear brand D.Hedral has unveiled its inaugural men’s beachwear collection. Like its men’s underwear range (which The Style Examiner reviewed), D.Hedral’s new swimsuits are made in Italy and come in four models (Gigolo Joe, MF, Hermann and Hector) designed to improve the male silhouette by subtly enhancing the shape of the buttocks.

This effect is achieved by applying the brand’s patented AngleFit technology (which was developed over three years by a team of pattern cutters, a tailor and an anthropologist) that factors in the roundness of the wearer’s buttocks to create a snug second skin of fabric. AngleFit is divided into three options to address different body shapes (135° Slim, 115° Average, 95° Full) and create three different models of the same style that stretch comfortably over the natural curves of the body to create a flattering silhouette.

Curious about this new line of beachwear for men, I got hold of the D.Hedral Hector trunk in black and from the moment that I tried it on, I could see how D.Hedral’s products have gained their reputation of enhancing the male silhouette. The shape I went for (Average at 115°) not only felt snug but it also highlighted the contour of the buttocks and thighs (making them look more muscular, in fact) while keeping the fabric in place. After trying the D.Hedral Hector, I have no doubt that D.Hedral beachwear deserves to become a popular option for men who do not compromise on style and comfort on the beach or by the pool.