Wood Skyscraper Planned for Stockholm

As part of an architectural competition created to celebrate the centenary of building society HSB Stockholm in 2023, local architecture firm Berg | C.F. Møller have proposed a 34-storey skyscraper made of wood. The project was developed in partnership with architects Dinell Johansson and consultants Tyréns as a response to the competition’s brief to identify innovative proposals for the homes of the future in the Swedish capital.

The tower, which is intended to provide a new and iconic meeting place for the people of Stockholm, will have a concrete core but the residential apartments will be built mostly from wood, a natural material chosen for its low-weight and yet strong load-bearing structural qualities. In addition, wood was preferred to steel and concrete for the interior of the apartments for being more fire resistant: as 15% of wood mass is made of water, in case of fire logs undergo a process of evaporation before becoming charred. Wood also ensures good indoor temperatures and ideal acoustics, and can be exposed instead of covered with plaster or other costly and less sustainable materials.

Inside the apartments, all the walls, ceilings and window frames will be made of wood while large windows will allow for more natural light to be used. Each apartment will have an energy-saving, glass-covered balcony, while the building will be powered by solar panels located on the roof. At street level there will be a café and childcare facilities, and a new community centre will provide residents with a market square, a fitness centre and bicycle storage room. A communal winter garden will also allow residents to grow flowers and vegetables in allotments.