Adriano Meneghetti belts: tradition and modernity made in Italy

Adriano Meneghetti is a designer of men’s accessories whose belts have caught the attention of The Style Examiner for their craft and inspirational concept. Born in Milan in 1986, Meneghetti grew up seduced by design but mindful of the importance of good-quality materials and traditional manufacturing processes. After graduating in Fashion Design in 2008 from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan, he spent three years working as a designer and creative director for other brands before deciding to establish his own business in order to realise his belief that craftsmanship can be reinterpreted through a modern vision and brought to life with studied and contemporary shapes.

His current Rugged collection for Spring/Summer 2013 follows this principle by combining contemporary elegance and tradition. Inspired by tie designs, its belts feature braided red, green and blue fabrics and washed, aged and twisted leathers, as well as brass and English silver buckles intended to last and improve with time.

Since the brand was founded in July 2011, Adriano Meneghetti’s belts have always been handmade in Italy but they can be purchased in 25 stores located throughout Italy and Japan.