R. Groove Menswear Spring/Summer 2014

For those who have at least a passing interest in the fashion designed and produced in Central and South America, it is undeniable that the menswear offering originating from that part of the world is far from offering creative and original options. In Brazil, where male consumers still show a very conservative approach to fashion and are reluctant to adopt new sartorial concepts, menswear brands tend to opt for commercially viable looks and colours that end up being reproduced with little variations season after season. With this context in mind, the collection that the label R. Groove presented during Fashion Rio in April 2013 stood out for its fresh and inventive designs in what can be regarded as possibly the most accomplished menswear collection displayed during any of the Brazilian fashion weeks for Spring/Summer 2014.

Under the creative direction provided by Rique Gonçalves, R. Groove offered an accomplished collection where traditional tailoring was very subtly deconstructed to augment its creative potential. Appealing to a young male consumer, garments made of wool and cotton fabrics featured a neutral palette of black and white that was highlighted by playful prints of tropical fruits and bamboo leaves and a symbiosis of faded and bright colours, such as beige, khaki, mint, moss green, lemon green, pale pink and orange. The silhouettes were casual yet very sophisticated with relaxed cotton jackets with no shoulder pads, layered sleeves, reinterpreted blazers in sleeveless forms tucked into trousers, blousons with sharp panels and stitching and round-collar jackets.

Overall, and amidst the numerous labels that presented during Fashion Rio Spring/Summer 2014, R. Groove proved to have the potential to keep The Style Examiner interested in seeing more. We look forward to Gonçalves’s future collections and to seeing how his talent evolves.