Second Floor Spring/Summer 2014

Brazilian clothing label Second Floor (the brainchild of Nelson Alvarenga and Adriana Bozon born in 2002 as a sister brand to Ellus) presented an ambitious and highly satisfactory collection for Spring/Summer 2014 during the latest edition of Fashion Rio in April 2013. Against a background of colourful glass bottles on a massive wall, the collection opposed black and white garments to pieces awash with garish hues in a combination that, although not entirely original, ultimately resulted well on many levels.

With creative input by Thiago Marcon and under the direction of Adriana Bozon, Second Floor combined the shapes of 1940s womenswear in its swimwear and beachwear pieces with 1960s Carnaby Street tropes (as evident in the last section of the runway show, with garments awash with large dots in fabrics where bright greens and pinks abounded), as well as 1980s stone-washed denim and 1990s platform shoes. However, it was the chiffon pieces trimmed by satin hems and the cotton garments purposefully perforated to suggest polka dots that presented Second Floor at its best.