Louis Vuitton Men’s Accessories Autumn/Winter 2013

The nice people at Louis Vuitton got in touch with The Style Examiner to share images of their latest collection of accessories and footwear for men. Like the menswear collection itself, the overall feel of the accessories ranges conjured images of the urban explorer leaving the city behind to venture into the faraway mountains of Bhutan. Trekking boots and mountaineering luggage covered in leather and fur anchored the focal design of the collection and, as expected of the brand, the range of bags was one of the stronger points.

In addition, smaller accessories such as key rings, sunglasses and scarves, as well as captivating designs of snow leopards and floral motifs conceived by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, deservedly stood out. Herewith, our selection of the best accessories for men by Louis Vuitton for Autumn/Winter 2013.