The Challenge of Setting an Individual Style in Men’s Fashion

When it comes to stylish fashion accessories for men, it is undeniable that choices are limited. Whereas women can make use of a multitude of options for hand bags or hair accessories, the options out there for style-conscious men to individualise their style are few and far between. Most men would prefer to see this as a good thing but even if the selection for a few accessories is limited, then that can pose as a problem.

Take the business world as an example: for men there are clear and distinguishable dress codes, which are usually stated in the invitation to most business meetings. If the dress code required is business, one is sure to be on the safe side when wearing a suit and tie. In general, such dress codes in the business world are geared more towards men as women can mix and match a little bit more with corporate attire. This can certainly be a big advantage, since you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort choosing the right outfit. The business world is one striking example of how male fashion is generally more streamlined.

However, this can also be a problem for fashionable men who want to set themselves apart by creating their own, unique style. There are few fashion accessories, like wallets or ties that are geared towards male fashion. Without a doubt, one of the most popular accessories for men is a stylish watch. It can make a great match for an elegant business suit and is bound to get the wearer noticed. If one is on the lookout for luxurious watches to underline one’s individual style, there is an array of classic Panerai watches on Chrono24 from which men can choose. It is the combination of fine craftsmanship, art and technology that make these watches unique, trend-setting accessories for every style-conscious man.