Forum Spring/Summer 2014

Under the creative direction of Marta Ciribelli, over the last few seasons Brazilian fashion label Forum has proudly embraced Brazilian traditional garb, folkloric music and imagery, as well as the country’s climate and landscape in its designs. However, in a gentle departure from this approach, for Spring/Summer 2014, Ciribelli conceived a relaxed and yet elegant and cosmopolitan womenswear collection. The starting brief was a boat trip at sunset to the sounds of Bossa Nova, a concept that seduced all who attended Forum‘s runway show during the latest São Paulo Fashion Week.

Focusing on navy designs and boxy sleeveless and collarless shapes with low waist lines inspired by designs of the 1920s and 1960s, the garments featured predominantly cotton, lace, silk and (as in previous collections) raffia fabrics woven with the intention to suggest sea waves. Sailor collars were used in dresses, jackets and in a clever reinterpretation of the traditional smoking shirt. The colour palette included bright yellows, oranges and reds that contrasted elegantly with more demure and, navy and white, and check patterns engendered from designs of compasses and ropes of different sizes combined in geometric layouts reinforced the casual nautical proposition. In addition, designs featuring the rounded shapes of guitars, knots and sea waves highlighted the female silhouette in a highly accomplished collection that confirmed Marta Ciribelli‘s creative skills on the São Paulo fashion arena.