Cori Spring/Summer 2014

Inspired by the languages of contemporary sportswear and clean minimalism and tailoring that conjured images of Carnaby Street in the 1960s, Brazilian fashion brand Cori showed a collection for Spring/Summer 2014 during the 35th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week that attempted to appeal to a younger consumer (than the one that takes centre stage in its current demographic ranks) by evoking images of fresh and carefree living. This was achieved to very satisfactory creative levels in an elegant selection of colours, cuts and details by Taciana Menezes, the brand’s new head designer.

An array of boxy shirt dresses, miniskirt lines and tunic-like tops in sleeveless variations combined with deep V-necks took to the runway in looks where elegant fabric and colour blocks functioned at their most effective in shades of white and vanilla (as opposed to their counterpart duller versions in grey and burgundy tones). Unexpected details such as layered fabrics in geometric shapes, patched pockets with diagonal cuts, and slits irregularly placed in at hem line level in dresses or in front of cigarette trousers certainly caught the attention of the audience in strong contrast to more commonplace designs such as biker jackets or collarless blazers. However, what rescued Menezes’s collection was a selection of luxurious fabrics that were playfully and effectively combined, from heavy satins, wool mixed with silk, and a linen crepe canvas that worked wonders in its perforated form. In addition, rigid and soft leather printed leather with stunning colourful stripes or abstract checks contributed to making this one of the highlights of the first day of São Paulo Fashion Week.