Eudon Choi Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2013

Marking a departure from his previous collections, where minimalist angular prints and tailoring played writ large a creative role in their sartorial direction, for Autumn/Winter 2013 Eudon Choi presented an exuberant and highly accomplished collection of womenswear where colours and textures worked perfectly to create elegantly feminine silhouettes. Titled ‘Varykino’, the collection was presented in the form of an intimate salon show accompanied by music performed live by klezmer band She’Koyokh during London Fashion Week.

Inspired by Julie Christie’s character Lara in the film Doctor Zhivago, Choi mixed Russian folk costume, art and culture in a strong collection with a palette of white, black, moss green, burgundy, pink, vermillion and cerulean blue. In addition, ornate fabrics and prints such as lace-effect jacquards, boucle, leather, died fur, shearling, velvet bows, metallic threads and Swarovski embroideries in floral shapes provided rich undertones to elegant bell dresses, pleated cotton blouses and chiffon skirts, wide-leg trousers, cocoon coats and fitted cardigans and jackets.