Tripping the Light Fantastic: The Warm and Seductive Photography of Luc Coiffait

I recently came across the work of the photographer Luc Coiffait and was immediately drawn to the way he masters reflections of light on his images so seductively, allowing for landscapes to be narrated in a poetic manner through the lenses.

Coiffait describes himself as a self-taught photographer who devotes all his time to his work. This devotion has garnered respect from his fellow professionals and Coiffait has won many awards, accolades and publications. At only 22, Coiffait is considered one of the most promising fashion photographers around, having produced work for magazines and companies such as Vogue, Numero, Cartier and Topshop.

This photograph, in particular, appealed to me in the way it evoked personal and literary memories of a time of innocence and playfulness gone-by. The flowers, the grass and the bubbles depicted from a low angle with a bright sun above suggest the way a child establishes sensorial contact with the world at eye level. At the same time, owing to the visual perception of the world from below as if lying on the ground, it is hard for an adult not to recall carefree and enjoyable summer days and the feeling of the sun’s warmth on the skin.