Guide London: Designer Menswear*

Guide London is an established men’s designer clothing retailer that, since it was founded in the 1980s, has been catering for those looking for the traditional British look with a combination of smart, casual and basic collections. Located in East London’s Petticoat Lane, a market famous for its trade of clothes and household goods since 1790 and for being the birthplace of Alan Sugar’s career as a market stall owner, Guide London has captured the London eccentric style very adroitly.

Over the years, Guide London has grown steadily. Its branded products were so successful that they started being commercialised on a wholesale basis to retailers both in the UK and internationally, a development that saw Guide London winning the BKCEC British Apparel Export Award in the mid-1990s. In 2005, new managing director Isaac Benson reformed the business and re-established Guide London as a brand that focused on marketing its own designer products.

With their roots firmly in British ground and all their garments designed in-house, it’s quite unsurprising that they are now defined as a British design house. Attention to detail and little quirks that make British design individual and unique to consumers as far afield as New York or Paris is what is distilled in Guide London’s clothes.

The cutaway and double collars on their shirts add interest and a degree of the unusual into everyday office wear. Crisply cut blazers and trousers, waistcoats to match, and three-piece suits in a variety of materials are all designed by the company. Made from high-quality fabrics, their collections are intended to reach the target audience of the stylish professional man. As well as smart office wear, they also design casual wear including polo shirts, casual long sleeve and short sleeve shirts, as well as knitwear and winter coats to cover all seasons.

*Guest post