D.Hedral Men’s Underwear: Providing Comfortable and Elegant Support to the Male Silhouette

Launched in London department store Selfridges a few weeks ago, is a new brand of men’s underwear that focuses on offering improved fit and maximum comfort through the innovative cutting and stitching techniques of quality fabrics produced and assembled in Italy.

Developed over three years by a team of pattern cutters, a tailor and an anthropologist, D.Hedral (whose name comes from the word Dihedral, or the angle between two planes) uses its own patented Anglefit technology that factors the roundness of the wearer’s buttocks to create a snug second skin. To achieve this, Anglefit offers three angles (135° Slim, 115° Average, 95° Full) that change the capacity and support of the underwear, allowing it to cling and stretch over the natural curves of the body to create a flattering silhouette.

I had the opportunity to try their Gigolo Joe model and was very impressed by how successful the Anglefit design works. The shape I went for (Average at 115°) was snug and the hand-cut thermo tape shaped like a ‘Y’ in the back only highlighted the contour of the thighs while keeping the fabric in place. D.Hedral is most certainly an underwear brand that will have a lot to offer not only to body-conscious men but to all those who believe that underwear should be, above all, comfortable.