Agnès b. Artists T-shirt Collection

Although French fashion brand agnès b. has been producing T-shirts for decades, it was when Felix Gonzales Torrez designed a T-shirt sporting the slogan ‘Nobody Owns Me’ back in 1994, that the notion of Artist T-shirts started taking shape and became a regular feature for the label. Since then, agnès b. has partnered with artists such as Gilbert & George, Herve Guilbert, William Klein, Douglas Gordon, Claude Leveque and Jonas Mekas to design this form of apparel. In addition to these established names, less well-known artists have also been given the opportunity to take part in this project and to showcase their work in agnès b. stores worldwide. For the latest collection of Artists T-shirts, agnès b. partnered with music photographer Adrian Boot and graffiti artists Victor Ash and Jaya.