New Images Revealed for Jean Nouvel’s Tower Verre in New York City

New renderings of the interiors and ground floor of Jean Nouvel’s ‘Tower Verre’ in New York have recently been unveiled, a move that suggests that the building is still being considered. Despite having been proposed for the first time in 2007, the glass tower has raised concerns that have precluded it from being built with its original specifications. In addition to its cost, it was pointed out that it would be too tall for the area and cast a shadow over Central Park, and that its location would result in increased traffic problems to midtown Manhattan.

Originally conceived to stand at 1,250 feet high, in 2009 the city planning commission requested that Novel modify the design, reducing its size by 200 feet. This reduction would still make it one of Manhattan’s tallest structures. Located at 53W street, the 78-storey building is planned to include a five-star hotel with 100 rooms, 480,000-square feet dedicated to residential units, a restaurant located within the lobby, and a three-floor, 52,000-square foot expansion for the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The exterior is envisioned to be a faceted glass wall which extends upwards into three distinct peaks, varying in height and shape at its apex.