Mulberry Opens New Store in Edinburgh

Luxury brand Mulberry has opened a new store in Edinburgh that replaces its previous store in the Scottish city. The larger, two-story location, located on Multrees Walk, was designed by Universal Design Studio to include an optimised layout, updated design scheme and increased product offering.

The interiors of the store incorporate natural and tactile materials such as oak and limestone as a way to evoke Mulberry’s rural roots and dedication to craftsmanship. In addition, brass is used throughout the store to pay homage to one of the brand’s signature materials.

An area for ready-to-wear and footwear is positioned at the back of the ground floor, a new addition to the previous product offering in Edinburgh. This more luxurious and formal space is distinguished by dark carpet flooring and a new textured, polished plaster wall that features a pattern derived from traditional timber-framed houses.