Garçon Model: Combining Style and Comfort in Men’s Underwear

I recently came across the new Canadian men underwear brand Garçon Model and became curious about what it had to offer to the area of men’s bodywear. The helpful contact in their main office in Vancouver swiftly provided me with information about the brand and sent me a sample to try one of their products in order to write a review.

I admit that I had initial reservations because of the composition of Garçon Model’s garments (82% nylon and 18% elastane) as I am inclined to prefer bodywear made from 100% cotton. I find that is the most suitable fabric to allow skin to breath, although cotton also comes in all kinds of weight and weaving that need to be factored in according to the seasons. When I received the black briefs from the Garçon Model Iconic Metallic range my first impression was positive: the packaging was stylish and the metallic waistband was fortunately not as shiny as I thought it was going to be. After trying them on, I realised that the fabric proved to be (at least on a cold Winter day) soft and comfortable, and the cut was surprisingly snug as it allowed for the briefs to be moulded to the shape of my body.

Although Garçon Model’s campaign seems to focus on how underwear for men can “ooze style and sex appeal”, I’d recommend their pieces for their comfort. Yes, t

hey are stylish, but essentially their cut makes them very comfortable, while the soft microfiber fabric manages body moisture very effectively while not loosing shape throughout the day.