Burtonwode Boxer Shorts: Introducing Quality into Men’s Underwear

Burtonwode is a new label of men’s underwear created by David Huglin to provide intimate apparel for men who prefer high-quality fabrics and comfortable design. Inspired by traditional pyjama patterns, Huglin named the label after a service station on the M62 motorway in Northern England in order to encapsulate an upscale product with humble manufacturing roots. The fabrics (made of 100% soft cotton) are custom printed in a 19th century Carlisle mill and subsequently sent down to Canning Town in London where they are cut, assembled and stitched. The shorts are then placed in unique presentation boxes that are individual to each print pattern.

Although at The Style Examiner we tend to prefer briefs for their snugness when it comes to daily wear, when we tried the Royal Blue model, we found Burtonwode’s boxer shorts to be extremely comfortable and with a great cut. We tried them on during the day and, on another occasion, to lounge around at home and sleep, and confirmed that these are indeed high-quality garments that we recommend to anyone looking to find the ideal pair of boxer shorts.