The Portrayal of Humanity in Sylvain Homo’s Photography

Sylvain Homo is a fashion and portrait photographer whose work has featured extensively in several publications including WAD, Neo2, Contributor, Hypebeast, Technikart, Jalouse and Madame Figaro.

He started exploring his interest in capturing images at an early age, which lead him to study cinema. However, after graduating, Sylvain chose to explore his passion for photography and he worked as an assistant to various photographers before becoming freelance in 2007. His list of clients includes companies such as Adidas, Benetton, Converse, Diesel, Nina Ricci and Levi’s, and his work has him travelling on a regular basis between Paris and London.

In addition to his success as a commercial photographer, Sylvain is also an accomplished artist when it comes to capturing the physical and emotional states of his subjects. His ‘Personal’ series is particularly moving owing to the way in which the portraits of young and elderly subjects (seemingly oblivious of the gaze of the photographer or the camera) reveal the consequences of the inexorable passing of time on the human condition.