Buy a Winter Coat with an Exclusive Discount by The Style Examiner!

As cold autumnal days set in and we find ourselves revisiting our wardrobes and thinking of investing in a Winter coat (and especially knowing that this kind of garment vanishes quickly from the shops), The Style Examiner looked into options by menswear label Matinique and found that the Contral coat may be the perfect menswear garment for the colder days ahead.

Matinique’s Contral coat is fully lined with warm padding and it features a detachable rib insert that zips up to cover the neck as well as ribbed knit at end of sleeves to ensure that cold does not affect your arms. In addition, the coat has two front welt pockets, button closing, adjustable straps on sleeves, and an elegant belting detail on the back. We tried it on and found its two-third line very stylish and versatile to go along with casual and formal wear, and we also realised that it is ideal for cold weather as it a fantastically warm garment.

In order to share the qualities of the Contral coat, The Style Examiner has partnered with Matinique to offer you an exclusive discount. To get 15% off the price of the Contral coat when buying it online, just add the code Blog1510 at checkout and enjoy wearing it!