Beautiful Instruments of Communication: Introducing Gnu Notebooks

For anyone who appreciates the processes of reading and writing, jotting down thoughts and notes by hand is still a very much admired communication form. At The Style Examiner, we are big fans of putting pen to paper in all literal forms and choosing the right notebook is crucial for a much admired creative process. As much as we embrace the convenience and speed of technology, there is still something very fitting about carrying a paper notebook and a pen to jot down thoughts about an exhibition, a fashion show, or a personality. Furthermore, there is something rather reassuring in the physical process of manufacturing your own letters, words and sentences, and in allowing yourself the possibility to create language before migrating it into the digital realm.

When recently looking into notebooks, we came across Gnu, a maker of notebooks that strives to provide high-quality stationery and found them virtually perfect in their design simplicity and functionality. Gnu’s Pop and Art ranges comprise cloth-bound A5 (210 x 148 mm) and A6 (148 x 105 mm) hardback notebooks in a choice of 24 colour combinations, with 192 pages of 100gsm ivory paper sheets (made from FSC-certified forests) each in lined or blank options. All Gnu notebooks have colour-coordinated ribbon markers and linen gussets, pockets in the back, and 16 pages at the end printed in a subtle shade of grey with perforations to extract pages and share notes.