Alexander McQueen Inaugurates London Men’s Flagship Store

Alexander McQueen has unveiled its first men’s flagship store in London’s Savile Row. For the first time, the full men’s ready-to-wear line and accessories can be found under the same roof.

Savile Row, renowned worldwide for being the epicentre of British tailoring, is a fitting address for the fashion house, as this where McQueen started his career in a fashion as a 16-year-old apprentice. Within the coming year, the brand also plans to provide a personal tailoring service here and offer full training to its apprentices.

The space was designed by David Collins, who describes the interiors of the store as ‘Britishness laid bare.’ On a first look, one can see that clothes hang from a heavy brass rail over a plush red carpet, an image that evokes military parades; however, on a closer look, the rail reveals itself to be a stylised elongated spine. Throughout the store, decorative plaster panels are embellished with signature McQueen motifs such as wings and skulls and animal claws and handles are carved into twisted horns. The floor is made from smashed and reassembled Nero Argento marble, and the centrepiece is a large glass box displaying contemporary art.