Soulland Menswear Spring/Summer 2013

Soulland is a menswear label that was founded in Copenhagen in 2002 by Silas Adler. What started as a small company that specialised in printed T-shirts for skateboarders has grown into a well-established menswear brand represented in leading stores across the world and shown during fashion weeks in Copenhagen and Paris. Soulland’s design aesthetic is rooted in traditional Scandinavian craftsmanship while reinterpreting classic menswear, an approach that can be witnessed in the brand’s items such as the Adler Fedora (which merges a classic fedora hat with a baseball cap) and in the Bomholt trousers with elastic ribs.

For Spring/Summer 2013, Soulland will be offering ‘The Bourgeoisie’, a collection that intends to illustrate the contradictions found in French culture and society. To this end, the label explores French school imagery by incorporating sweatshirts with rib side panels, slim chino shorts, striped button-down shirts, short sleeved shirts, and sports blazers with round collars in a cotton-lined blend. The main colours for the season are off-white, beige and navy mixed with royal blue, red and burnt orange. The collaboration between Soulland and House of Billiam continues with two new varsity jackets, one in light beige suede and another in red wool with beige suede sleeves. In addition, the footwear line was expanded: Three new models with Vibram soles and two new styles in canvas have been added to provide a casual and sporty feel to the collection.

In 2008, the Scandinavian fashion community acknowledged Adler’s work with nominations for best Danish up-and-coming designer by the Danish Fashion Awards and Scandinavian talent of the year by the Swedish Plus46 Award, a feat repeated in 2011 and 2012. Over the years, Soulland has participated in trade shows in New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, Oslo, Berlin and Stockholm, and its collections have featured in magazines and blogs such as Monocle, Dazed Digital, VMan, Wad, The Fader, Lodown, Milk X, and Euroman. Soulland is sold in stores around the world including Opening Ceremony (New York Los Angeles), Harvey Nichols (Hong Kong), Hunting & Collecting (Brussels), Goodhood (London), Soto (Berlin), Freudian Kicks (Oslo), Beams (Tokyo), Daily Projects (Seoul), Margreeth Olsthoorn (Rotterdam), and Aplace (Stockholm).