La Madonnina Restaurant: a Very Tasteful Corner of Italy in São Paulo

On a recent visit to São Paulo (and between a hectic schedule of meetings and events organised to find out more about the booming Brazilian fashion industry), we had the opportunity to discover and dine at La Madonnina, a recently opened restaurant in the hip Rua Hélio Pellegrino, in the ‘Paulista’ neighbourhood of Vila Nova Conceição. This is the third and latest venture owned by Chef Roberto Ravioli, whose training as an architect and epicurean nous is evident in every tasteful detail that makes this Italian restaurant a place that The Style Examiner does not hesitate to recommend.

Diners are welcomed by a stylish decor that features the painting ‘La Madonnina‘ by Enzo Venturini at the entrance, the impressive ‘Natura Barocca‘ by renowned Italian painter Alessandro Giusberti in the main salon, and a blend of traditional Italian restaurant design and contemporary details and sophisticated lighting throughout the restaurant. Large displays of yellow lemons, worn white candles, plates by Rosenthal and crocheted curtains (made by Ravioli’s delightful fiancée Giovana Dias, a São Paulo fashion designer who produces eye-grabbing crochet garments) are just some of the very successful examples of simple and good design that make the dining experience very enjoyable.

An impressive wine menu listing 270 wines (70% of which are imported from Italy) accompanies an outstanding menu. However, and on the night we visited, we had the privilege of meeting Ravioli himself who, instead of explaining the menu, chatted to all at our table and recommended some dishes according to our personal preferences and mood for the night. As a result, The Style Examiner was able to enjoy an extremely soft and delicious risotto with lamb that was cooked to perfection.

The relaxed and yet elegant environment and the very tasteful food and drink made us feel confident to advise that, if you are to visit São Paulo, do try to grab a table at La Madonnina. We are very sure that you won’t regret it.