Veja’s Facteur Messenger Bag

Eco-friendly footwear and accessories label Veja has announced that it will launch a new bag called Facteur as part of its side collection, Projet Numéro Deux, in the Autumn of 2012.

The Facteur, which takes its name from the French postal messengers, intends to be a classic and timeless piece with a high level of functionality. The bag contains easy-to-use side compartments, an adjustable shoulder strap and easy release, and it was designed with city bike rides in mind.

Veja’s Facteur messenger bag is made from organic cotton grown by a co-operative of producers in the Northeast of Brazil who use the agro-ecology method which bans the use of chemicals and pesticides. The leather is tanned using extracts from the Acacia plant, a natural and pollutant free alternative.