Matinique Menswear: Addressing the Challenge of Shopping for Summer Clothes in August

As much as The Style Examiner enjoys exploring the work of talented designers who push the boundaries of style, sometimes we are also very pragmatic when it comes to addressing the actual needs of real men. And an example of the need to see menswear as range of clothing options that one must wear owing to sombre and formal demands happened recently when we were forced to go on a shopping expedition caused by a last-minute invitation to a country wedding that is to take place in a few weeks. If this seems like a straight-forward situation, the truth is that buying an elegant outfit for Summer in mid-August, when retailers are already selling thick wool coats and trousers, proved to be a very challenging predicament.

After exploring many high-street chains and department stores and not finding anything suitable, we turned to Matinique, a retailer that has never disappointed us. In their online shop, we found what could possibly be the best suit for a formal ceremony that takes place during the Summer in the English countryside.

The Barret blazer in a light shade of grey (that Matinique branded ‘glamorous grey’) is made of 100% cotton and is fully-lined with matching colour lining. The tailoring is contemporary, with double back vents, two front flap pockets, and one welt chest pocket. Most importantly, the thin fabric allows the body to breathe and stay cool, something that all men know is important when wearing a suit on a hot sunny day. Although the two items can be purchased separately, we also got the matching Les Trousers, which have a straight leg cut and sit on the hip, and when the clothes arrived we couldn’t have been more pleased. The two pieces look great together, and we are already planning to accessorise it with a crisp white shirt, black Oxford shoes and belt, and a dark blue tie.

However, and to make the most of the elegant Barret blazer, we returned to Matinique’s online shop and investigated their range of casual trousers that could be worn together to create a more casual look. As the blazer was already of a light shade of grey, we decided to introduce a bit of contrast and bought the Priston CM Jeans in ‘progressive grey’. Although Matinique describes the trousers as having a regular fit, we found them a bit on the slim side, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. As the jeans are made of 97% cotton and 3% elastane, they don’t feel like skinny jeans; instead, they feel comfortable and look stylish with the Barret blazer.

All in all, our experience of Matinique couldn’t have been better. We just wish that the weather on the day of the wedding would be as reliable!