The Winning Leather Clothes and Bags by The Loser Project

The idiosyncratically called The Loser Project is a clothes and accessories brand founded in 2004 by Rui Duarte simultaneously in Lisbon (Portugal) and Paris (France) with a current location in Berlin (Germany). The label produces handmade leather products in limited editions, and in 2012, the Loser Project’s line of leather bags, clutches and document cases has been available in Berlin, Paris, Zürich, and Wuppertal.

The bags’ designs are inspired by natural organic shapes (such as scales and bones) but production follows industrial naval construction methods normally used for making freight shipping. These techniques, adapted to fit a smaller manufacturing format, ensure durability and high performance while avoiding the need to glue or sew the different parts of the products.

The materials and processes supervised by Duarte are carefully selected to ensure high quality and originality. The Italian leather undergoes a specific treatment (at the levels of dyeing, branding and washing processes) under attentive supervision in order to fulfil high standards of production. Similarly, the zips and studs are made from high-end materials like gold, silver and copper, and are produced exclusively for the label.