Mundane Luxury T-Shirts by Richard Borges

Following on from the success of his first Mundane Luxury range of t-shirts, Richard Borges has released a second line inspired by Baroque and Rococo imagery. The new concept and designs mixes contradictory notions such as opulence and simplicity to illustrate the period’s aesthetic ideal of producing and appreciating art for art’s sake.

However, while the artists of the Rococo and Baroque period favoured the intricacy and detail of organic creations such as vines and shells, Borges has opted for more prosaic objects for his prints, such as bulbs, bullets and pearls. Using multi-layer screen printing to demonstrate his love affair with texture, Borges has also used magnified prints of Mother of Pearl and Oil.

Borges’s Mundane Luxury t-shirts are stocked in London at luxury department store Harrods as well as at 123 Bethnal Green Road, an independent shop that specialised in showcasing the work of young designers. For more information, and also to purchase the t-shirts online, visit Richard Borges’s website.