Mr + Mr Menswear Spring/Summer 2012

Founded in 2009, the menswear label Mr + Mr is the brainchild of Graham Cruz and Eoin Dillon, who have been designing and producing their collections from their base in East London. The brand describes itself as embodying “the potent resurrection of a timeless masculinity, rebooted with a contemporary twist of wit, subversion and daring.”

For its Spring/Summer 2012 collection, Mr + Mr investigated the possibilities of mixing clean-lined minimalist fashion with the vibrancy of street and sportswear in order to engender an exaggerated portrayal of masculinity. This intention to investigate gender perceptions was also anchored on how men have been depicted in popular media and through low-brow cultural formats over the last decade.

The collection’s garments are made from diverse fabrics, such as bamboo towelling, raw silks, leather, and neoprene. The colour range comprises vivid emeralds, cobalt blue, and shades of red against deep blacks and bright whites. Details are inspired by retro dress codes in manifestations that include stripped-back outlines, folded Italian leather, mink trims, printed stripes inspired by athletics attire, and abstract graphic icons.