Etrusca: The Newest High-Quality Shirts Made in Italy

The Style Examiner recently came across Etrusca, a new brand of high-quality shirts for men made in Italy. After seeing their lookbook, we decided to investigate further and we couldn’t be more pleased with what we found out.

The name of the brand is derived from the Etruscan civilization that occupied much of the Italian Peninsula during the pre-Roman era and was known for their figurative art. Inspired by the approach to design and fashion that Etruscans advocated, Etrusca was developed with a focus on high-end men’s dress shirts made in Italy from the finest Italian fabrics. Cloths carry the quality assurance label ‘Tessuto di Alta Qualita’ and are sourced from prestigious Italian mills such as Canclini Tessile, Cotonificio Albini and Tessitura Monti.

The Style Examiner decided to try the Como shirt with a main body in dark blue and contrasting white floral design on the collar and double cuff, and found it to be possibly one of the best we have ever worn. Friends and colleagues must have thought the same as a few compliments were received on the day! The 100% cotton fabric is soft and comfortable to wear for long days at work, and the cut is very flattering. The shirt was worn a few times and we were impressed that the dark blue cotton did not fade after several washes; instead, it has kept is vibrant hue throughout. The examination of the shirt also looked into two important aspects that always reveal the attention to manufacturing and the Como shirt passed with flying colours: the stitching was flawless and the buttons were sewn perfectly, something that is not as common as one would expect as some production machines fail to do this rightly and it’s not unusual for buttons to come off on the first day one wears a new shirt.


Other impressive technical details of Etrusca shirts include: gussets (traditionally used to add extra room in various areas of the shirt, in Etrusca shirts they serve to reinforce the bottom of the side seam and provide additional style through detail); split yoke (which allows for the fabric to be cut on the bias utilizing its natural stretch, enabling the shirt to mould around the wearer’s shoulders and provide additional comfort and a superior fit), collar stay placement (a detail that confirms the craftsmanship and care taken during the manufacturing of each shirt), finished front placket (the fine line of stitching down both front plackets that finishes off the front of the shirt and prevents the fabric from fraying and lint from collecting around buttonholes as well as providing additional ease when pressing).

From what we were able to observe and test, Etrusca is most certainly a brand of shirts that deserves a lot of success and one that we recommend to readers of The Style Examiner.