Frank Gehry Completes First Residential Building in Asia

Pritzker Prize winner Frank Gehry and Swire Properties have unveiled Opus Hong Kong, Gehry’s first residential project in Asia.

Located at 53 Stubbs Road on The Peak in Hong Kong, on a site that had been owned by the Swire Group for more than 60 years, Opus Hong Kong is a 12-storey building comprised of two double-level garden apartments and 10 apartments of some 6,000 square feet, each unique in design and occupying an entire floor of the building. 

Opus Hong Kong includes a spiralling series of curving facades instead of the traditional outlines of an apartment block. Inspired by the natural surroundings of its setting, Gehry took an organic approach to the design of the building, which features glass-enclosed columns twisting around the building like reeds swaying in a breeze.

The building’s helical structure also allows the open-plan apartments to flow around a central core, with the sinuous facade of the building composed almost entirely of glass. As a result, the interiors are light and airy with minimal interruptions to the view.