Finding the Perfect Wrist Watch

Finding a wrist watch that is at the same time functional, stylish and versatile enough to be coordinated with most clothes and accessories worn daily can prove to be a bit of a challenge for the modern man.

Regardless of individual design taste, all men have unique and specific needs and requirements when it comes to watches. For example, at The Style Examiner, we prefer watches with rubber or metal straps to leather or fabric ones owing to the fact that the latter kind tend, quite often, to acquire an unpleasant smell caused by sweat. We are firm believers that, if a man perspires during physically straining activities such as gym workouts or outdoors building work, he should avoid a wrist watch with a leather or fabric strap. As such, for watches that are worn daily, our preference goes to metal or rubber straps.

When it comes to the appearance, as much as we see the appeal of the current trend for colourful watches, we prefer to have one watch versatile enough for daily life. That way, coordinating it with clothes doesn’t become a challenge and makes life easier. On top of that, versatility applies to being able to wear the same watch in casual and formal contexts.

And the result of our search came up with the Fossil Men’s Decker Stainless Watch AM4373, a watch with a black stainless steel case and strap and matching dial that looks masculine and sophisticated. We ordered it and within a week we had it in our hands (or, shall we say, wrist).

As the hours ticked slowly, we stated realising that this might, in fact, be the ideal wrist watch for the modern man. What do you think?