FU e=fu8 Underwear: Made in NYC with Pride

When The Style Examiner found out that a new range of men’s underwear was being produced in New York City with the intention to conquer the international market, we were curious about its ambitions and decided to investigate.

The brainchild of FU, e=fu8 is a men’s underwear label that, like many before it, relies on the cult of the male body beautiful to market itself. In essence, the designs are not entirely original: following on the footsteps of numerous brands of men’s underwear before it, the brand’s identity is revealed in the elastic waist band and the fabric contains a small percentage of spandex to allow the cotton to stretch and adjust to the body in a snug and comfortable way. What makes it different from others is the sexiness that goes beyond the promotional photographs and is integrated into the design. This is evident in details such as the front middle seam that provides the illusion of enlarged size and shape of male genitalia, and the hipster cut with an unusually lower rise of the garment at the back.

If the pieces of e=fu8 by FU may not constitute the most desirable option for those who seek traditional forms of comfort under their outerwear, after examining a pair, The Style Examiner believes that this is a promising and stylish range that will appeal to men about town not only in New York City but also in many other cosmopolitan cities. Even if, like most underwear, the longevity of the elastic waist band is to be the proof of its endurance, the cut of FU e=fu8 pieces is unapologetically sexy, making them items that we most definitely recommend to our readers.

And with New York‘s garment industry under such pressure to close down production centres in Manhattan owing to real estate pressures, we could not but wishing e=fu8 by Fu the best of luck for the future.