Vintage Frames Company x Ultra Goliath 2: Snow White Project

Late in 2010, as part of their Dr Shapiro Collection, Montreal-based Vintage Frames Shop released the first of a series of limited editions of the Ultra Goliath 2 glasses.

Originally produced in 1977 by Stan Besner, the initial Ultra Goliath’s unconventionally large frames quickly made the sunglasses popular pieces of eyewear. Amongst those that have sported the glasses over the years, one can count actors or musicians such as Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC, Michael Caine, Harry Carey and, more recently to portray film characters of the 1970s, Robert de Niro (as Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein in ‘Casino’) and Elliott Gould (as Reuben Tishkoff in ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’).

A few months later, Vintage Frames Shop released the second limited edition of Ultra Goliath 2 under the name ‘Snowdon Deli’. This collection of see-through frames paid homage to the deli founded by the Morantz brothers in 1946 in Montreal, Canada, that Corey Shapiro, the owner of Vintage Frames Company, used to patronise from an early age.

The latest range, just released in a limited run of 50, goes under the name ‘Snow White Project’, and is produced in the same factory in Holland that produced the original Goliath 2 mould. White vintage acetate was chosen to be the base for these vintage frames that still retain their oversized frame.