Dylan Jones Appointed as BFC’s Menswear Fashion Committee Chair

The British Fashion Council (BFC) has announced the appointment of Dylan Jones, Editor of British GQ, as Chair of the Fashion 2012 Menswear committee. Jones’s first role in this newly-created position is to form a committee comprising influential figures within the menswear industry to work on a calendar of events for Fashion 2012. Such events will celebrate and showcase British menswear, from emerging and avant-garde designers to heritage brands, as well as promote London as a leading fashion capital.

While some events will be created by the BFC, the hope is that individual brands and organisations will develop their own events in London. On 22 January Jones will co-host an event in Paris during Men’s Fashion Week alongside Harold Tillman (BFC’s Chairman) to announce the first in a series of plans for British menswear in London during 2012.

Fashion 2012 is the BFC’s central platform under which the industry is able to showcase and celebrate British fashion, and provide a core focus for the industry and a schedule for the major fashion events and activities throughout the year in which London is hosting the Olympic Games.