Uniqlo Unveils Menswear Spring/Summer 2012

Japanese fashion brand Uniqlo has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2012 collection and The Style Examiner was able to take a closer inspection and bring you our favourite looks.

When it comes to menswear, in addition to a numerous choice of denim trousers, knitwear, graphic t-shirts, and plaid shirts that have been typical of Uniqlo, there are some interesting items and collaborations with designers that, in our opinion, really stood out and are expected to be popular items for men. We particularly liked the cargo shorts and polo shirts in vibrant colours, and the light cotton mix blazers.

However, it was while browsing the women’s section that we found a few items (namely the shorter cargo shorts, denim t-shirts, and the Seiko linen cardigan) that will undoubtedly become coveted item for men. In addition, the tote bags produced under the label Uniqlo Undercover (in partnership with Jun Takahashi’s Undercover label) are ideal for casual days in town or by the sea and we expect them to sell out quickly.

All in all, the Spring/Summer 2012 collections produced for men by Uniqlo prove, once more, that this is a label that takes the business of fashion very seriously and aims to please its consumers while providing staple, affordable, and stylish garments and accessories.